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CUNY Service Desk

For technical support and service requests, please contact the CUNY Service Desk:

If you're looking for an Aleph report, please also consider: Aleph Reports.

In your request, please make sure to include as much information as possible to help route your request to the most appropriate staff member. Also, please make sure to include a call back telephone number.

The subject of your email should contain three parts:

  1. The OLS system (e.g., Aleph, Primo, SFX, etc.) in question
  2. Your two-letter OWN code
  3. A brief summary of your problem

For example:
Primo: JJ - Activate Sage Knowledge
Aleph: CC - Recall Notices Not Going Out

Whenever possible please include a URL or screenshot that demonstrates the issue you've encountered in the body of your email.