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Batch Load Request

NOTE: As of JANUARY 1, 2018, OLS will no longer be adding collections of bibliographic records (“batch loads”) to Aleph when the metadata is already available through PCI/SFX. Any collections already in Aleph for which the metadata is available through PCI/SFX will not be updated via batchload additions and updates. OLS will batch delete records as always when instructed to do so by libraries. Please contact OLS to discuss the most actionable approach.

Individual titles purchased by the campuses may be cataloged individually by the campus, if they so wish. OLS will, as usual, need to activate these titles for you in the SFX KnowledgeBase so please open a work order to let us know about your access to any individual e-books. If the item is available via the Primo Central Index, (or should not be exported to OneSearch for any reason,) your local Aleph record must have STA=PCI to prevent duplication of Aleph & PCI records in OneSearch.

If you have a file containing a MARC collection with more than 50 and fewer than 20,000 records, you can upload it, using the the request form below, to be batch loaded into Aleph. Contact OLS for larger files, but start with the batch load form. Colleges bear responsibility for cataloging small files individually and for performing ongoing maintenance on subscription collections.

The uploaded MARC collection will be automatically reported to OCLC along with the rest of CUNY's Aleph holdings. To exclude records from being sent to OCLC, edit records to include a Status field that is set to LOCAL (i.e., STA a LOCAL). For more on this, see the FAQ: How do I include/exclude records from being reported to OCLC?

For each collection:

  • Please submit one request per file upload. Separate work orders will be logged to track each request.
  • The 856 subfield z must include your institution name (e.g. 856 z Access for XXXXX users, where XXXXX is your institution name).
  • The 856 subfield x must be set to "proxy" (i.e. 856 x proxy) if licensed at the campus level. This would not apply for records that have STA = PCI (These records will not be duplicated in Primo.)
  • Add a unique 946 field with your 2-character OWN code and a project or package name, e.g., 946 a bcMyiLibraryPDA. This code must be alphanumeric only, no spaces or special characters.
  • When submitting records for the same electronic collection, please use the same 946 field each time for consistency across different batch loads of the same electronic collection. Different collections will have different names but records added to your existing vendor's collection should use your existing 946 collection name. If you want to indication different batch loads for the same collection, perhaps add a month and / or year to the end of code. (Only add month / year to the end of the code.) e.g., bcMyiLibraryPDA2015 and bcMyiLibraryPDA2016.
  • Please do not use ‘NBL’ or ‘nbl’ in your unique 946 Collection identifier string. Do not mark these records with '946 $a nbl'.

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