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How do I include/exclude records from being reported to OCLC?

Resources not loaded into Aleph can still be reported to OCLC:
Libraries are able to set their own holdings for Eresource collections in OCLC through OCLC’s WorldShare Collection Manager.

What's included (and when): in OLS's reporting
Each month OLS sends a file to OCLC of records added to Aleph four months previously. OCLC uses this file to update CUNY's holdings in WorldCat. The four month delay allows time for ordered materials to arrive and be added to the catalog so that when records are reported to OCLC chances are high that the physical book is in hand. This process happens automatically and requires no extra work on the part of the campuses.

Each month OLS also sends a file to OCLC of records marked STA=OLSDELETE. These are materials being removed from your library's holdings with OCLC. (Records with STA=OLSDELETE are automatically suppressed in all search results.)

What's excluded (and how):
During the processing of the monthly OCLC report, we filter the file in several ways to keep certain classes of records from being reported.

The processing routine removes these types of records from OCLC notifications:

  • Status = Local
  • Status = Circ-created
  • Status = Suppressed
  • Status = OLSDELETE
  • Status = Deleted

There are cases where a library might not want certain records reported to OCLC. Examples of this are unstable subscriptions and resources cataloged using a 3rd party vendor. To exclude records from automatic reporting, simply add a status field of LOCAL to the MARC record. Any record with this status will be filtered out of the reporting process.

For an example in the catalog, see system #7067611, The Constitution of the Republic of Iceland.

The OLSDELETE status tags records that will be withdrawn from a library's holdings with OCLC. They are not included in any reporting about an 'add' to a library's holdings, and are automatically hidden from any patron's search results. At the start of each month OLS sends OCLC a file of records to be deleted from holdings. After OCLC confirms that it has processed the removal from a library's holdings, the record (and all related records - such as item and orders) are completely removed from Aleph.

The status of LOCAL can be added to individual records as they are cataloged in Aleph and to entire record sets during pre-processing in MarcEdit.

For more information, contact OLS. For support, please open a work order.