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How does EBSCOhost Integrated Search work?

EBSCOhost Integrated Search (EHIS) is a "metasearch" service. It carries out a real-time search of multiple databases when a query is issued. The mechanism in which EHIS interfaces with each database searched in a given query is called the connector.

EHIS runs on EBSCO servers in Boston. The IP addresses of those servers should now be included in all of our CUNY-wide subscriptions. The enables the service to connect to CUNY licensed content that doesn't come from EBSCO.

The other important concept in EHIS is the distinction between tier one and tier two resources. Tier one resources are included in initial result set presented to the user, tier two resources are not. Tier two resources are available on the list of results by database that appears on the right-hand side of the EHIS results screen. In general resources that return faster results have been selected as tier one, slower resources have been coded as tier two options. Tier one/tier two resources can be adjusted from the EBSCO administrative interface.