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How often is OneSearch updated?

The components are updated at various times:

  • PCI: there may be a time lag from when something is included in a database and when the data is actually sent to or uploaded by Ex Libris. This is due to various publishing or acceptance schedules and like all technical services, the delivery of metadata is only as efficient as the humans who develop it. At OLS, however, as soon as metadata has been included in the Primo Central Index—it will be updated that day (we’ve got great humans). A library’s e-resource holdings in the PCI will be updated as soon as OLS is notified that the library has a new SFX target.
  • Aleph: New Aleph records and changes to existing records (including deletions) will be added to OneSearch twice daily. Reserve records are updated once daily.
  • Proprietary data from individual libraries: On schedules to be determined by the library with OLS.