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What are best practices for proxying electronic resources?

OLS recommends that libraries set up their websites and proxy configuration files to proxy the CUNY Catalog:

  1. Confirm with your campus EZproxy contact that your campus is set up to proxy your catalog. This will ensure that off-campus users are prompted for their login information when appropriate. See the note within the OCLC EZproxy documentation on how to do this:
  2. You will also need to confirm that your library website is set up properly to support catalog proxying. In order to do this, you will need to make sure that any links or quick search forms that point to the catalog include your campus EZproxy prefix. For example, if you now have a link on your campus homepage that points to, it should now include the EZproxy prefix and read as:
  3. This approach may seem a little burdensome but it is preferable to altering every single bibliographic record that contains a given proxy prefix should that prefix change.

The permanent URL for an e-book is typically contained in subfield U of the 856 MARC field. In the past, libraries had often requested that their local EZproxy prefix, i.e. be prepended to these URLs. This is not a recommended practice because of the long-term challenge of managing URLs in the catalog. Instead, OLS recommends that library set up their local website and proxy configuration file to proxy the catalog.