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What branding or customization is possible within EBSCOhost Integrated Search?

Through your local campus EBSCO administrative acccount you are able to customize existing database groupings and also create new ones. You can also add your local campus logo to the display. These changes are IP sensitive. This means City College customizations are only available in City College's IP range; LaGuardia's customizations are only available only in LaGuardia IP space. While doing this make sure to work within the Integrated Search - EHIS profile that you will see within your campus Ebsco admin account.

If you want to add local database subscriptions to EHIS this can be done for a relatively small fee. Contact Susan Vaughn for the details on the exact cost.

Through your local administrative account you can also create search boxes using the Searchbox Builder Tool available under the branding section for EHIS. These searchboxes can direct users to specific subsets of the resources available through the EHIS interface.