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What factors should I consider before buying ebooks?

There are several factors we would suggest considering:

  1. Are you purchasing a subscription or will your institution own/have permanent access to the material?
  2. Are valid MARC Records available for the collection in question? If you are interested in loading these records into the catalog please request a sample record from the vendor for review to get a sense of their quality.
  3. Does each record contain a field that can be used as a unique identifier? Records with a unique identifier are preferred because it is easier to manage them in batch than records which do not contain a unique ID.
  4. Is the vendor's website where the electronic book content resides OpenURL compliant? This will ensure the site will work with our CUNY FindIt service.
  5. Should the collection's records be reported to OCLC? At this time all of our holdings are reported to OCLC and if you do not want the collection to be included in this report we will need to explicitly keep them out of the data load we send to them monthly.