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What should I look for when previewing vendor records?

Many problems can be spotted and fixed in batch before they even reach the staging system by using MarcEdit. Some of the most common problems encountered with vendor records are:

  • 856 $z. This public note field appears as a direct link to the electronic resource in the OPAC and can sometimes contain confusing information about the resource’s availability. Less confusing is the phrase 'Access for ______ users' where the blank is your library. Two examples:
    856\\$z Access restricted to subscribers.$u

    856\\$z Access for Hunter College users
  • 856 $x. This CUNY local sub-field must be set to proxy if licensed at the campus level. Otherwise users from another campus may see these in search results and will encounter pay walls (potentially wasting user's time)
  • Diacritics which are not formatted properly. This happens most often when vendors provide a MARC8 file. UTF records are preferable. Example:
    24513$aLe clocher, ou, Le tranf{grave}erement [sic] du tableau noir
  • Potentially confusing 5XX note fields. Example:
    530\\$aAlso issued in print format.
  • 946 $a. If you are using a 946 field for an electronic collection then do not mark it as 'nbl'