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List Policy

Thank you for being part of CUNY Libraries Listserv community. In order to keep the lists professional and useful to all subscribers, the Office of Library Services (with input from the Council of Chief Librarians) has established this Listserv Policy.

This Policy contains basic rules and guidelines for listserv participation. By using the lists, you agree that you have read and will follow these rules and guidelines.

Listserv Purpose
Each OLS listserv functions as a means to communicate library-related events, news, and items of interest to members.

User Guidelines-Etiquette
Please use the lists to communicate information likely to be of interest to list subscribers, and related solely to library or professional matters. Respectful disagreement is healthy and provides opportunity for open discourse of different perspectives, as long as we keep our messages civil and relevant to CUNY libraries.

Consider sending a message to the entire list only when it contains professional information that benefits most subscribers.

  • Use descriptive headings in the subject line for all messages you post to the listserv.
  • Please consider using an identifying signature tag.
  • If posing a query or polling the group, please request that individuals reply directly to you, so you can post a summary of responses to the listserv.
  • To keep unnecessary e-mail replies/chains out of our overstuffed inboxes, when replying to messages, don’t reply to the entire list if replying to an individual is more appropriate.
  • Replies of a personal nature, or messages such as “thanks for the information” should go to individuals and not the entire list.
  • When you are away from work, please configure your e-mail to prevent sending automated messages to the list.
  • If you disagree with someone else's ideas, consider communicating with that person directly rather than debating them on the list.
  • To unsubscribe from the list, please follow instructions at the bottom of the listserv e-mail message.

Please respect CUNY’s diverse community. Never use the listserv to disparage a member of the CUNY community or another individual or group.

These listservs do not accept commercial messages.

Listservs are subject to all City University E-mail and Computer Use Policies:

OLS reserves the right to delete inappropriate posts and remove members from the listserv for violating its policies.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Approved by the Council of Chief Librarians on October 12, 2016.