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Aleph Batch Cycle

The following table lists regularly schedule Aleph notices, their purpose, and their approximate run-time. XX represents your two letter Aleph OWN code. These jobs will appear on the Aleph task manager for you to either pick up or schedule for reporting automatic processing.

If a file for one of these jobs is available on Task Manager but the filesize shows up as zero this indicates there were simply no results for that job and your campus on that particular day.

Notice Name Purpose Start Runtime Weekly Run Dates
xx_pick CLICS Pick List 3:00 - 6:30 pm Sunday through Thursday
xx_shelf Hold Notices 10:15 - 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday
pt_hold_xx Hold Recall 11:00 - 11:55 pm Sunday through Thursday
Expired_holds_date Remove expired holds and patron links to circ records 11:30 pm Weekly
pt_remote_xx_date Remote Storage 11:55 pm Sunday through Thursday
emails SDI Notice 11:58 pm Daily
overdue_xx Overdue and Lost Letters 12:05 - 1:40 am Monday through Friday
xx_edi EDI Vendor Orders ( eg. Ingram/Coutts) 1:45 - 5:30 am Monday through Friday
court_xx Courtesy Notices 5:45 - 7:50 am Monday / Thursday (for 7 days)
n/a* Publishing for Primo 12 noon and 11 pm Everyday


Patron Bills xx_bills are generated for only select campuses. If you have questions about which routine notice jobs your campus should be processing contact OLS. For support, please open a work order.