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New Patron Registration

Please use the Aleph GUI Circulation module's fast registration form. The type of registration form is set up for each workstation in the GUI in the file C:\AL500\circ\tab\circ.ini

FastPatronRegistration=Y ; change to N if you'd like to use detailed form

Note: For both CUNY and LOCAL patrons, remember to fill in patron status, patron type, Home Library, barcode, contact information (including address) and EMPLID (added after initial account creation).

Fast Registration:

Please be certain to enter a Home Library (your MAIN campus sub-library) a Patron Type (your campus) as well as a Patron Status (based on how you describe the patron at your campus).

The Dispatch Library is your patron's default Pick Up location. It will be automatically filled in by a weekly batch process, based on the patron's home library. It will need to be changed if the patron wants to most often pick up books at a library other than their Home Library.

Depending on their CUNY affiliation:

  • CUNY patrons:
    • LEAVE PRIMARY ID FIELD BLANK – system will supply ID key
    • Patron sublibrary is CUN50
    • Home library is local sublibrary—please enter your local main campus!
    • ILL Library is ALWAYS blank - CUNY does not have Aleph ILL
    • After record has been added, update dispatch library field to local sublibrary, and ALWAYS add an EMPLID
  • LOCAL patrons:
    • LEAVE PRIMARY ID FIELD BLANK – system will supply ID key
    • Leave additional ID field blank
    • Patron sublibrary is CUN50
    • Home library is local sublibrary-please enter your main campus!
    • ILL Library is ALWAYS blank - CUNY does not have Aleph ILL
    • After record has been added, change "Title request limit" to 0000
    • An EMPLID may be used for people formerly associated with CUNY; otherwise their barcode can serve as a main ID

At the local patron level review which patron status and patron type you have entered. Also review (tab 3) local privileges. Select the 'Get Defaults' button.

Next review that the privileges are what you intended. For example, enter NO for Hold requests if you want to block CLICs requests.

For more details on arranging remote electronic privileges please visit this page.

Be sure that you have full contact information including a valid email address. This is need for patron notices and follow up contact with a patron.

DO NOT enter a Social Security number under any circumstances! Always enter an EMPLID ID and a CUNY ID barcode number.

Enter an EMPLID for active CUNY patrons. You will still be able to find the patron by their barcode. The EMPLID is strongly recommended for technical reasons, regardless of whether or not you add a barcode. (eg. used for weekly batch loading.)

EMPLID MUST be added as type '07'. If you add EMPLID for any other ID type, please be certain you also add it as type 07. Otherwise this patron will require ongoing manual corrections including expiration updates.

During an automated patron load. Aleph attempts to match ONLY by the values specifically of type ‘07’. Aleph does not use human techniques such as checking a birthdate.

IF it does find a matching ‘07’, it updates the patron account with any CUNYfirst changes. (eg contact info and expiration dates)

IF it does not find a matching ‘07’, Aleph attempts to create an account. However, Aleph requires this value to be unique across ALL of the ID types. IF it finds that an existing account already has this number (as say ‘02’ or ‘04’), it then discards the patron information and makes no changes. It considers the EMPLID already in use by someone else.

So, adding an EMPLID as type ‘02’ or ‘04’ means that you are guaranteed to have another patron account that must be manually maintained by staff for the course of the patron’s academic career. All email, address changes, and expiration date changes must be manually entered. (Patrons may be inconvenienced with no CLICS requests, no renewals, and in some cases no remote electronic access.)

When we leave Aleph and move to the LSP, the EMPLID will remain the key match point between the library catalog and CUNYfirst.

High School ID numbers MUST be added as type '09'. It’s use is optional, yet if used, it should be strictly only used for HS ID numbers.

This will allow for a clearly labeled type of ID. Staff will be able to search for this ID number, in the event that a patron did not have their barcode ID number.

It is very important that we do not enter 8 digit ID numbers, as this would conflict with EMPLID numbers. If an eight digit number were entered, and it matched an EMPLID, then it would block a patron from being entered into Aleph. Instead, add a standard prefix of you library's choosing, such as 'HS'. For example, HS12345678.