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Setting up ILL Accounts in Aleph

A best practice is to set up individual accounts (patron status “32.ILL”) for individual ILL borrowers. Having all ILL loans go out under one individual account is not a good practice for several reasons. For example, it is not technically possible in Aleph for a single account to have unlimited loans. There are several advantages to individual accounts:

  • ILL borrowers (the libraries making the request, not their patrons) would receive all patron notices and billing for un-returned items
  • Borrowing Libraries would have a “bill” or lost materials notices to hand their patrons
  • The notices can be targeted to a specific individuals at the borrowing organizations, for better communication
  • Fewer ILL loans to the same account means one is less likely to hit a ‘limit’
  • Several such accounts are already set up.
  • Several CUNY libraries may lend to the SAME borrower, but only one account is maintained. The work is thus distributed.

For example, the Library of St Mary would only need one account even though three CUNY libraries end up lending it materials. If the primary contact information of that account changes, it can be recorded in one convenient location. Multiple CUNY libraries benefit from one person updating any useful changes (e.g. contact name, phone number, etc.) When St Mary’s ILL contact person receives a “Lost Book” or other patron notices, the contact person automatically and specifically gets a reminder that there is a book overdue, for better communication.

There are already many individual ILL borrowers’ accounts in Aleph. The following table includes some examples.

Brookdale Community 99932059 IL 32
University of Massachusetts Lowell 99932051 IL 32
Chicago Public Library 99932065 IL 32
Penfield Library SUNY Oswego 99932040 IL 32
Muscatine Community College Library 99932043 IL 32
Mount Vernon Nazarene University 99932044 IL 32
Muhlenberg College Trexler Libary 99932045 IL 32
SUNY Maritime College Library 99932056 IL 32
Green River College 99932035 IL 32
College of DuPage Library ILL 99932038 IL 32
Shawnee State University Library - Clark Memorial 99932039 IL 32
Fayetteville Free Library 99932063 IL 32
Oak Lawn Public Library 99932066 IL 32
University of New Hampshire - Dimond Library 99932067 IL 32
Pikes Peak Library District 99932068 IL 32
College Of Mount Saint Vincent 99932042 IL 32
St Francis College McGarry Library 99932047 IL 32
Seton Hall University Library 99932046 IL 32
University of Pennsylvania Libraries - Van Pelt ILL 99932052 IL 32
Westchester Library System 99932057 IL 32
Manhattan College Library 99932058 IL 32
Law Library - Maurice A. Dean 99932049 IL 32
Seaford Public Library 99932050 IL 32
Ohio Northern University 99932029 IL 32
SUNY Cobleskill Van Wagenen Library 99932030 IL 32
UAlbany University Interlibrary Loan Dept. 99932031 IL 32
Elmont Public Library 99932060 IL 32
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai - Levy Library 99932061 IL 32
Island Trees Public Library 99932033 IL 32
Mitchell Community College - Huskins Library 99932069 IL 32
Northern Arizona University - Cline Library 99932041 IL 32
Alachua County Library District 99932048 IL 32
College of Saint Rose - ILL Library 99932028 IL 32
Fordham Law School - The Maloney Library 99932026 IL 32
Fordham University Library 99932027 IL 32
Orland Park Public Library 99932053 IL 32
US EPA Region 2 Library ILL 99932054 IL 32
Brooklyn Law School 99932055 IL 32
Bethlehem Public Library 99932025 IL 32
Winona State University 99932062 IL 32
Lincoln University - Langston Hughes Memorial 99932064 IL 32
Butler County Community College 99932032 IL 32
Drexel University - Hagerty Library 99932070 IL 32
Brooklyn Public Library, 20-ILL 99932034 IL 32
New York Law School 99932036 IL 32
Finger Lakes Library System - ILL 99932037 IL 32
Norfolk Public Library 99932071 IL 32