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Course Reading and Reserves

The purpose of the Course Reading and Reserves module is to provide information to the student about required and optional reading material suggested by an instructor for a course of studies.It provides tools for managing the creation and update of Course Reading Lists separate from Permanent Reserves.

The bibliographic records for the Course Reserves Collection can be derived (expanded) from the library's main database. Personal copy items are cataloged directly into the Course Reading module. This saves cataloging effort and keeps the main catalog free of extraneous records (such as photocopies, scanned documents and private material).

The Circulation Committee established these conventions:
- Course number: all caps / no spaces. MUST HAVE 2-letter library code in front of course number.
- Course numbers do not need the professor's name appended; the Instructor facet will manage that aspect.
- Course name: first letter caps (for important words, same as typically used for book titles)
- Instructor: last name, first name, first letter caps, no titles.
- Department: first letter cap.
- Semester: use drop down menu primarily for staff purposes.

Personal copy items should not be entered into the cun01 permanent CUNY collection. They can be entered into Course Reserves.

The Course Reading and Reserves operations are described in the following documentations:

  1. Ex Libris User Guides - See the Ex Libris Staff User Guides page
  2. CUNY Aleph Course Reserves Manual - download the document
  3. Guide for Quick Batch Update of Items Information in Course Reserves - download the document