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The Aleph client executes a number of printing tasks. These include printing daily Aleph batch jobs such as overdue notices, various reports generated by OLS upon request, cataloging labels, and circulation receipts.

Setting up the Aleph Client to print or distribute email is discussed in the client installation instructions.

UMD Printing is a separate specialized set of printing. It is one of the optional forms of printing described in the "Optional Settings" section of the Aleph GUI installation instructions.

UMD Printing also involves set up. Please see our fuller instructions on configuring UMD Print itself.

Another option is the BIAFLABEL program. While it has never been an official part of the distributed Aleph software, it has been an accepted part of the software for many years. This can be seen in the knowledge article How to install BiafLabel?, which refers to chapter 8 (“BIAF Label Printing”) of the System Librarian’s Guide for Printing.