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Staff Accounts

New or Updating Accounts

  • If your campus already has an existing staff account with permissions you need applied to a new user account, you should only fill out the web form below (bypassing the privileges spreadsheet altogether). You will need to include two full names:
    1. the name of the staff member who requires an account, and
    2. the full name of someone using the existing Aleph proxy account group to which the new account will be attached.
  • An account "like" an existing account "but with" specific privileges changes is actually a new proxy account group. For example, "Smith should be proxied to BHCIRC but needs cataloging privileges" is, in reality, a new proxy group. The below web form is required (as it helps clarify specific account details) as well as the staff privileges spreadsheet for creating a new proxy account group.
    Note! Creating a new proxy account group expands the scope of work. You will be required to spend time testing this proxy before a staff account is created based on this new proxy. Screenshots will have to be submitted to properly identify any errors, discussions will need to be had regarding the minutia of the privileges, etc. Please allow significantly more time for creating new proxy groupings based on the web form and the privileges spreadsheet!
  • If you only want to change which proxy group is assigned to an existing account, you should only fill out the web form below, bypassing the privileges spreadsheet altogether. (For example, "Jones used to be in Circulation but she is now in Cataloging" implies that Jones has different responsibilities and now belongs to a different proxy group.)
  • Any change to an individual account applies to everyone using that proxy account group. Consider whether you want a permissions change to apply for everyone in that group before requesting this change. Perhaps it makes more sense to move that individual to a different grouping with the appropriate privileges.
  • If you only want to correct a single permissions error message, start by sending OLS (Kevin Collins) a screenshot of the error. This often saves time for everyone. Often these issues turn out to be workflow issues (not permissions issues).

Password Changes

You can change your password by right-clicking on the yellow key icon in the lower right-hand corner of the Aleph client and selecting "Change Current Password."

Please never send passwords by email!

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