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Union Catalog

The Aleph system has a virtual Union Catalog that enables a user to search all CUNY collections simultaneously. The default view of the CUNY Web OPAC is to search this union catalog. The Aleph system uses an algorithm to select a preferred record that is displayed when a search result has more than one holding in the CUNY System.

The URL of the Aleph Union Catalog is:

The Unmerged Aleph Catalog

In addition to the virtual union catalog mentioned above, the Aleph system can be searched in unmerged form. This can be done using the CUN01 base as opposed to the U-CUN01 base.

Compare the results of the same query from:

Other Local Bases

Each CUNY campus has its own unique base that can be used to scope the collection to just the records owned by that campus. Please consult the list of Aleph Local Bases for the value corresponding to your campus.