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Aleph 21 at CUNY (Overview)

Aleph v21 is now in Production. Important installation information is highlighted below.


  • Local campuses ought to correct ezproxy and library website links. (see below)

Periodic announcements will be made about CUNY's Aleph installation via CULIBS. (If you are not already subscribed, please open a ticket with the CUNY Service Desk.)

Connections to Aleph v21:

EZproxy and Aleph v21:

If your EZproxy installation uses "OPAC Proxying" (see also:, you will have to add the new Aleph v21 hostnames to the EZproxy configuration file.

Information related to the upgrade process:

Related documentation for using Aleph v21:

Frequently asked questions about Aleph (including info about the new version):