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OLS provides remote authentication services for individual colleges' local electronic resources. We utilize the EZproxy software to do this.

Users are authenticated through our Aleph system patron database. If you experience issues with patrons having difficulty authenticating, please make sure to have your local circulation staff review the patron's account status prior to contacting OLS for help. Patrons must have an unexpired account.

Barcodes should be a 13 or 14 digit code using a 5 digit prefix provided by OLS, a random number generator for the next 7 digits, and a Luhn algorithm for the last checksum digit.

Hosted service:
There are currently 12 CUNY campuses (in addition to the CUNY Central instance) that utilize our EZproxy service. Please contact Roland Samieske at OLS if you are interested in using EZproxy as your campus's remote authentication solution. At the bottom of this page is a listing of all CUNY libraries that use central office EZproxy subscriptions.

Frequently asked questions about EZProxy: