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ILLiad is interlibrary loan software. Nineteen (19) CUNY Schools implemented ILLiad in FY 2018.

In July 2017, we completed a survey about the use of ILL related software.

If you have questions about troubleshooting your campus ILLiad implementation at CUNY, please read Technical Support for ILLiad.

ILLiad Installation and Firewall Port Configuration
ILLiad is implemented locally through a client program that needs to be installed on all ILL staff workstations. The server that processes ILLiad and the ILLiad web interface that patrons use to make requests and ILL staff use to view ILLiad usage reports is hosted remotely at OCLC. For locally installed ILLiad clients to work with the remote server at OCLC your campus IT support will need to make some changes to your local firewall for only the workstations that will be used for ILLiad transactions.

Z39.50 Configuration
ILLiad connects to the Aleph system in order to search for bibliographic and holdings information. Listed below are the parameters you can input into the Z39.50 tab in your ILLiad client in order to search the unmerged CUNY union catalog via Z39.50.

Configuration Option Default CUNY Values
Server URL
Port 9909
Database Name CUN01
Password No Password is Required
Record Format USMARC

If you wish to search only your local campus catalog replace the CUN01 database name with your Aleph Local Base value. Note these fields are all case-sensitive. Aleph Local Base values must contain only capital letters.

ILLiad Patron Accounts
ILLiad Patron Accounts can be implemented using either:

  • The ILLiad internal self-registering user database
  • Your campus directory that you use for email. Schools that expect large user bases within ILLiad are encouraged to pursue this option.

ILLiad Assistance
Campus librarians seeking help with ILLiad can also contact Beth Posner (GC).