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Technical Support

Technical support, documentation and training for ILLiad are provided by OCLC and Atlas Systems and these services are included by contract. If you need assistance with ILLiad technical problems, please first review the guidelines below and then contact either of these two vendors directly depending on the type of question you may have. Also, please note that OLS staff no longer provides support or consultation for ILLiad and so you are no longer required to open a CUNY Service Desk support ticket.

  1. OCLC - OCLC Handles all day to day support operations for ILLiad. If you have problems with installing, configuring, your ILLiad website, or connecting to your ILLiad database you need to contact OCLC Support for direct assistance.
  2. Atlas Systems - Atlas maintains and releases new versions of the actual ILLiad software. If you are a systems librarian or a library systems support person you will likely need to make heavy of use of the documentation Atlas maintains for ILLiad. Atlas also has extensive ILLiad training courses and materials available.

Downloading the ILLiad Client
Please open a support ticket requesting access to the site where you can download your Campuses ILLiad client through OCLC at: OCLC provides the day-to-day support for the client. If you are library systems support person and need to download a copy of the client you need to contact OCLC in order to obtain information about where to download your copy of the ILLiad of the client.

Once you have obtained a copy of the client review the ILLiad Documentation portal instructions on installing the client.