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patroncheckr is a small web app that allows a CUNY campus library to determine whether a patron has the appropriate access privileges to enter the library based on patron’s status in the Ex Libris Aleph ILS. The app accepts a barcode as input. It returns one of the following color-coordinated responses: green for "Go", yellow for "Yield", and red for "Stop".

To view app's screen shots and its outcome logic flow-chart diagram, please download or open the attached PDF file.

Returned messages


• Full library access granted. Hurray!


• Patron should visit the Circulation Desk to discuss fines on the account.
• Patron should visit the Circulation Desk -- account expired on [DATE].


• Patron from [LIBRARY] does not have visitation or borrowing privileges at this library. Access is denied.
• Barcode does not exist in the database. Please see your library's Circulation Desk.

The following variables are available for potential inclusion in the above messages:

• Patron’s barcode
• Patron’s Aleph expiry date
• Patron’s borrower status
• Patron’s debit/credit status
• Patron’s home library
• This library (determined by IP)

It may be possible to retrieve more information about the patron.

Live demo

To see this app in action, point your browser to and enter an Aleph barcode. Click “Check” and observe what happens.

Sample barcodes
29999000291443 (Green – access granted)
29999000291450 (Red, not in system, access denied)
29999000291435 (Red, in the system but doesn’t have access to libraries outside of CSI – access denied at non-CSI library)
29999000291427 (Yellow, account expired – patron should go to the circulation desk for more info)
29999000291419 (Yellow, owe library fines – patron should go to the circulation desk to discuss fines)


For more information, contact OLS. For support, please open a work order.

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