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The adwords plugin allows a library to add a small tile to the results page right above the results to provide quick links to other pages according to a predefined list of hotwords and matching URLs.

For example, students sometimes enter things like "hours" into a search box to get to the library's hours. With this plugin, you can present your users with an extra result that may take them out of the OneSearch interface and directly to the page they're hoping to find.

To see this in action, search the CUNY-wide view of OneSearch for a centrally-purchased database, such as JSTOR:

To implement this for your library, download the attached xx_adwords.xlsx file and edit it according to the following columns (replacing xx in the filename with your campus 2-letter code):

Column A: Search keyword
Column B: Description (text preceding the link)
Column C: Link title
Column D: URL
Column E: DO NOT TOUCH - auto-generated formula

(We request that you prepend your own EZproxy prefix to your database URLs. This ensures access for off-campus users.)

Submit the completed spreadsheet to the CUNY Service Desk at

Open Download: