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Ex Libris maintains up-to-date lists of all collections indexed by Primo Central:

Ex Libris also sends out monthly newsletters identifying changes in the collections, which must then be activated (or deactivated, as the case may be) in the CUNY Primo Central Index instance as well as the CUNY SFX KnowledgeBase.

Active Collections

In the Primo Central Index (PCI), collections can be activated for a given location:

  • We maintain one consortia account that contains collections that are active CUNY-wide.
  • In addition, each campus has a separate account that contains local collections but also inherits the active collections from the consortia account.

It is important to keep these active collections up-to-date, as this ensures that the results of your Primo searches are based on correct metadata for your location.

To obtain a list of the PCI collections that are active for your school, please send a request to the Service Desk.

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