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Known Issues

The following are Primo-related issues of which OLS (and, in most cases, Ex Libris) is aware and is currently working to correct:

  • PCI "ghost" activations: For the past few weeks resources have shown up in Primo searches that are *not* activated in the Primo Central Index. Several schools have reported this problem, and it appears to happen most frequently with ciando eBooks. Other collections that show up are: Credo, Dandy Booksellers, Bridgeman Education, several Oxford University Press collections.. This issue is fixed now.
  • Library facet: OLS created a facet, "Library," that is supposed to allow users to limit their results to a particular sublibrary. (For example, students searching OneSearch at Hunter may be interested in seeing items located at just their Health Professions Library.) However, this functionality is not behaving as expected when a search is performed from outside Primo (e.g., from a widget on a library's website). In these cases, it returns the libraries that share holdings for that search. (For example, a search for 'shakespeare' returns multiple items that are held by multiple libraries. Let's assume Romeo and Juliet is owned by 20 libraries in addition to the one where we did the search. In this situation, the "Library" facet will show us the names of those other 20 libraries.) This is a defect and the issue was brought to the attention of Ex Libris developers in late September 2014. OLS is able to suppress or hide this facet for your library, if you find it is too confusing to users the way it is.
  • Date slider: When using the date slider, the "Refine" button does not appear so the results don't update to reflect the selected time period. You have to click in both the "From" and "To" text fields for the button appear. We're aware of this problem and are working on a solution. This problem was fixed with the release of the April 2015 service pack. It was applied to our OneSearch server on May 31, 2015.
  • Links to LexisNexis create an error message: "Please add a connector between your search terms".: In mid-February 2015, we opened a case with Ex Libris to notify them of an error that occurs with links to LexisNexis resources. They've been able to replicate and are working with LexisNexis to resolve the issue.. This issue has been solved.
  • Reports missing data: In mid-March 2015, we noticed that the reports generated by Primo are incomplete and missing data for known searches. Ex Libris was made aware and, upon further inspection, told us it is a bug. Our case was escalated.
  • Boolean searching: Primo is supposed to ignore Boolean operators in lowercase ("and," "or," "not") but it doesn't. This is a defect that is known to Ex Libris and the issue has been with their Development team since early January 2015.
  • ArtStor resource links: Links to ArtStor images open in a pop-up window that is blocked by most modern browsers. As of mid-February 2015, Ex Libris is aware and working with ArtStor.
  • Links to PCI record sent by email don't work: Users are able to email records to themselves from Primo. However, it was discovered (in late October 2014) that the links to records retrieved from Primo Central do not resolve properly and cause error messages. We were told the issue would be solved in SP 4.9 (released in February 2015) but it was not. This issue was resolved in the April 2015 service pack release, which was applied to our production environment on May 31, 2015.
  • Permalinks without full-text not resolving: Records without full-text (retrieved by selecting the "Expand my results" facet) have permalinks that do not resolve properly. Ex Libris was notified of this problem in mid-January 2015. This problem was fixed in the April 2015 service pack, which was applied to our production server on May 31, 2015.
  • Post-login search query: The query that is re-submitted to the Primo server after a user signs in does not resolve properly. (In most cases, the spaces in a query are replaced with plus signs, leading to fewer or 0 results. In cases with phrase searching, the system returns an error.) This issue was discovered after we updated to SP 4.9 and Ex Libris has been aware of this problem as of mid-February 2015.
  • Resource type pre-filter in advanced search not limiting to that resource type: When using the advanced search options, limiting by resource type does not actually return results of that material type. Fix was implemented in early February 2015. "Unfortunately, it can only be fixed one collection at a time. You should see gradual improvements over the course of 2015. Your patience in this matter is appreciated."
  • "OPAC proxying" Primo instance provides access to "restricted search" PCI collections: Several campuses have proxied their Primo instances the way they've proxied their OPACs. This makes Primo think that the user is on campus and provides search results to restricted search collection (e.g., ProQuest, Scopus, Web of Science, MLA, ArtStor, etc.) without the user actually being authenticated. Worried that this is a violation of our terms of use, we logged a case with Ex Libris about this issue in late February 2015. We are still waiting to hear back from them. Please do not "OPAC proxy" your links to OneSearch. This violates our agreements with vendors providing metadata.
  • Refine by facet returns 0 results: In some instances, doing a search and limiting by a facet returns 0 results (when we are told there are items to display). We reported this issue to Ex Libris in mid-December 2014. ExL told us it was a known defect in blended scope searching and that a fix was slated for April 2015.

If you do not see your issue or problem listed here, please open a ticket with the CUNY Service Desk by emailing Please include the word "Primo" and your campus in your subject. Be as descriptive as possible, attaching screenshots where appropriate, and including the record's permalink.