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Beginning in the summer of 2015, the Office of Library Services began offering regular webinars as a way of educating the libraries about OneSearch while also providing a space where librarians and other library staff members can ask questions about library systems and learn from their colleagues across the University.

The following is a list of past webinar sessions, with links to to the recordings* where available:

  • 2016/07/20: Aleph Reports
  • 2016/06/16: EZproxy
  • 2016/05/19: Managing Central E-Resources
  • 2016/05/10: Aleph FYE Procedures
  • 2016/04/21: Getting to Know SFX
  • 2016/03/17: CUNY Academic Works: A Year in the Life of an Institutional Repository
  • 2016/02/25: OneSearch & User Experience
  • 2015/12/17: OneSearch: Personalization, Relevancy, and Other Features
  • 2015/12/03: OneSearch: Q&A
  • 2015/11/19: Reports in OneSearch & SFX
  • 2015/11/05: Resource Sharing in OneSearch & Beyond
  • 2015/10/15: Searching in OneSearch
  • 2015/10/01: OneSearch: Discoverability & Delivery of E-Resources
  • 2015/09/17: Teaching OneSearch
  • 2015/09/03: OneSearch: Q&A
  • 2015/07/23: Known Issues with OneSearch (& Other Technical Problems)
  • 2015/07/09: Teaching OneSearch
  • 2015/06/18: Let's Talk About OneSearch!

* Please note that the Office of Library Services has limited storage capacity on the WebEx server. If you see a presentation you'd like to view, please download it to your computer for posterity because it may be gone the next time you try to view it!