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Serials Solutions MARC Records

CUNY's e-journal titles are accessible in various CUNY search interfaces. These titles are loaded into search interfaces through several means. One means is through the monthly loading of electronic titles into the public catalog for each campus. Serials Solutions MARC records, drawn from locally maintained A-Z lists and vendor-provided information on packages, provide direct links to this electronic content.

Implementing Serials Solutions Monthly Changes (Add, Delete, and update)

Serials Solutions supplies CUNY with changes recently made in the Serials Solutions interfaces. These changes include adds, updates, and deletes.

Maintaining changes through the Primo Central Index (PCI) will always be faster. These types of updates occur on a more frequent basis than a monthly batch load into the Aleph catalog. We can expect this to improve over time as ProQuest now owns Ex Libris and the company has publically committed to continued improvements. Summon & Primo are already seeing background processes merging for the way that they handle the metadata.

It is generally going to be slower (than PCI) to use monthly batch processing in the Aleph catalog, for changes (add, update, and deletes) to make it through to our search interfaces. We must wait for the vendor to send files for batch loading.

Once per month the vendor creates files for batch loading into the catalog. The date varies between the 11th and the 15th of each month. It is unclear what day of the month is the cut off point for a change to be included.

Given the size of CUNY, the Serials Solutions changes are loaded in three separate groups. These groupings are arranged by institution in alphabetical order.

After new serials Bibliographic records are added to Aleph, OLS will distribute the relevant system numbers. OLS asks that libraries check a random sampling of these records, as libraries know best what new journals they are adding.

Anything deleted by OLS is actually tagged with an STA=OLSDELETE, so that it is first removed (automatically) from a library’s OCLC holdings. Anything with this tag is suppressed in the CUNY search interfaces.

For more information, contact OLS. For support, please open a work order.